The Musical

To Celebrate its Ninety Sixth Year as a Fixture in American Popular Culture and a Perpetually Lucrative Commodity, TOPPER is about to enter its Climactic Incarnation as a Sharp, Hilarious, Touching and Outrageous Musical Comedy for the Stage.




The simple but groundbreaking story of two riotous ghosts and their arguably staid pet banker humbly began as a bestselling novel in the 1920s. The hit feature film in the 1930s, that is the primary source for the first act of our musical, was immediately followed by two sequels and still holds its permanent place on the American Film Institute's list of all time top 100 comedies.  TOPPER was a radio show in the 1940s and a television series in the 1950s.  It was re-made as a TV Movie in the 1970s and it was the very first film to be (temporarily) colorized in the 1980s. Itís now well on its path to becoming a 21st Century Theatrical Extravaganza.



Please enter the World of TOPPER by clicking on our four Lyric Videos on this page. They set the stage and allow you to absorb the words as you listen to our exquisite, accredited singers, Samantha Echo, Mike Messer, D.C. Anderson, Carl J. Danielsen and Nina Berman, perform our diverse sampling of fully orchestrated, professionally produced, unique, funny, moving, catchy and original musical numbers.  Eric Zaccarís polished book and roughly twenty song lyrics are ready to go and G.H. Brown is composing and recording new music to add to our growing score.  




We graciously invite you to come on board as an Angel, a Producer or in a capacity that matches your talents and gifts. Please send an Email and tell us how you'd like to join our team.  




Though the first half of our show stays relatively faithful to the 1937 film, our second act goes in Socially Significant, Topical and Outrageous directions that no incarnation of TOPPER and few theatrical productions have ventured before. While we have an amended Family Friendly version for selected Matinee Audiences, our Explosive, Show Stopping, Hilarious and Revolutionary Climax will not be for the unseasoned. To request access to our Private Prelude of what everyone on the street will be anticipating and talking about, featuring the enchanting Breona Conrad,






Please Click on the Individual Names Below to View the Personal Websites of Our Composer, Our Playwright/Lyricist and the Singers Who have Contributed Their Extraordinary Gifts to Our Musical Numbers.


G.H. Brown Eric Zaccar

Samantha Echo Mike Messer D.C. Anderson*

Nina BermanCarl J. Danielsen*


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